Alaris SMS Platform: functionality

Operating SMS traffic transit

Nowadays SMS transit market is facing a similar upsurge which boosted development of VoIP market a decade ago. Such trend gives a unique opportunity to farsighted operators to occupy leading market positions with a long-term outlook. Tools integrated into the Alaris SMS Platform solution allow immediate launching of SMS traffic exchange with further gradual capacity build up.

Alaris SMS Platform solution for SMS transit includes the following components:

  • SMS switch for exchanging SMS traffic with other operators over SMPP;
  • routing module responsible for selecting optimal SMS traffic transit routes basing on the route cost and quality data, analyzed either separately or integrally;
  • billing module enabling rate import and storage, customer invoice generation, payment reconciliation with SMS traffic providers, etc.;
  • RESTful API for interoperation with other corporate information systems.

Rendering retail SMS services

Alaris SMS Platform equips carriers with a possibility to provide their customers with a wide range of SMS services which might be especially interesting to corporate clients. Besides traditional voice services operators receive opportunity to offer enhanced options, from the simplest reception of short messages from the clients’ websites to the more complicated solutions for independent implementation of SMS campaigns effected directly by customers.

Alaris SMS Platform solution incorporates all the necessary components for launching retail SMS services. Short messages generated by end users are forwarded to the carrier’s switch and then are transferred to one of the partners depending on the routing settings. At the same time the carrier retains possibility to manage routing flexibly in order to maximize profit, choose the most qualitative routes or both.

SMS delivery options (retail):

  • embedded web-applications (e.g. sending SMS or subscribing to SMS alerts via client’s website);
  • integration with client-based solutions (e.g. CRM systems or client portals);
  • separate customer application set up to interoperate with the carrier’s SMS gateway.

SMS campaigns via Alaris SMS Platform

SMS campaigning, i.e. distributing messages over a predetermined list of subscribers, is one of the most demanded retail SMS services among the largest share of corporate clients. Alaris SMS Platform enables execution of such mailouts by providing the necessary toolkit and technical functionality.

Possible ways to import the list of subscribers into Alaris SMS Platform database:

  • direct import from files via the system’s web interface;
  • automated contact processing centre integrated into the client’s website;
  • integration with the third party solutions (CRM systems, client portals, etc.) via ODBC interface or their APIs.

SMS campaign planer offers:

  • flexible recipient selection from the database by specified attributes (e.g. by age, gender, date of birth);
  • immediate or deferred (planned) SMS delivery;
  • event triggered SMS alerts (e.g. ‘new user registration’ event initiates generation of a random password which is then delivered by an SMS; the patient is notified 24 hours prior to his/her dentist appointment at occurrence of an ’appointment in 24 hours’ event).

Customer application and its features.

Security policies in many companies prohibit transfer of client lists to any third parties for the bulk SMS purposes. In such cases Alaris SMS Platform may be used in the ‘Client to Server’ mode which implies installation of a dedicated customer application at the client side. In this mode the operator retains control over the server component (which includes switching and billing modules with the administration interface), while the end user obtains command over the installed at his/her side customer component (which includes customer interface and subscriber management module). The customer application configuration presupposes sending messages via the operator’s server. Thus all the sensitive data is preserved by the client while the operator provides an SMS gateway for the subscriber generated traffic.

Alaris SMS Platform campaign application examples:

  • Banks. SMS delivery of temporary passwords for transaction authorisation.
  • Medical centres. SMS delivery of appointment notifications, news and advertisements.
  • Schools. SMS notifications on child academic performance.
  • Service providers. SMS delivery of registration confirmation codes.
  • VoIP carriers and Internet providers. Replacement of costly scratch cards by less expensive open code cards with SMS activation.