Technical support

Alaris Labs technical support service is always ready to help you with installation and set up of its solutions and would eagerly answer any of your questions. We are committed to providing client-oriented neatly tailored support services to our customers ensuring easy interaction with our technical experts alongside with timely and efficient response to any requests, prompt advice and fault correction. Support services are rendered both at the trial and commercial operation stages.

Our support service is available

  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week*

Contact information

Alaris Helpdesk: benefits of easy interaction

  • 24 hour day-to-day availability;
  • quality assurance: fixed response time and purpose-oriented solution time;
  • self dependent case prioretization concerning handling time;
  • possibility to review and monitor earlier registered requests;
  • availability of additional information: documentation, knowledge base, news.

Priorities and processing options for customer requests

Priority Description Response Time Resolution Time
Critical Error The licensed product does not function at all or malfunctions and there is a critical impact on the Customer's business - a software error causes loss of 20% of the system capacity. Product operation is impossible. 0,5 h. 12 h.
Major Error I. The licensed product is operational but the capacity is limited (less than 20%) or one of core functions is inoperative. Product operation is limited in time or scope and there is a serious impact on the Customer's business. II. The problem is critical but a temporary workaround has been found. III. The problem is critical but the system does not handle live traffic and does not affect production. 2 h. 72 h.
Minor Error I. The problem causes malfunctioning of a non-essential feature of the product with minimal adverse effect on services. II. The problem is major but a temporary workaround has been found. 6 h. 1-2 months
Service Request I. Technical consultation on the product. II. Request for a product installation, update, configuration or other service operation. 4 h. ---
Feature Request I. Request for new functionality. II. Suggestion concerning the website or documentation improvement, reporting errors in documentation or on the website. 1 business day ---

* on week-ends and holidays technical support services are only rendered to customers with a prepaid 24×7 service package

** for Alaris Helpdesk access a registration is needed; access is provided to trial and commercial version users