Alaris Labs offers a full range of maintenance services for its software both in trial period and in operation. Our experts are committed to providing efficient and prompt integration of the required solutions into the carrier’s infrastructure as well as to rendering highly qualified assistance for the whole lifecycle period

Trial period

We offer a client-friendly evaluation procedure of our products. Prior to purchase any operator may explore functionality of the required solution and test it within his own network. We are ready to install a trial version for our clients and provide it with the complete package of technical support services.


Our experts can install the required solution on the client’s hardware remotely in the shortest period of time. Operations won’t take more than 24 hours and won’t necessitate involvement of the client’s engineers. Installation may be also performed directly at the customer’s site if so agreed. Our specialists will come up with the optimal data transfer algorithm for conversion from one solution to the other and implement it in order to simplify deployment of the new system.

Technical support

In customer service we place our priority in securing stable operation of the system. For this reason the most serious attention is attached to providing high quality technical support services to our clients. Our competent engineers will address any of your questions on the asap basis and will offer you an optimal solution. The scope of support services extends to counseling on the product functionality and administration, error correction and software maintenance.


We offer our clients a possibility to study our products and consider their enhancement potential for their networks. We have developed special in-depth training programmes for engineers covering detailed examination of our products’ functionality and administration peculiarities. Training may be performed either distantly (via web-conference) or at the customer’s site.


We realize importance of achieving complete compatibility of a new solution with the hardware in place and therefore make all the necessary provisions to ensure successful integration of our products into the client’s infrastructure. Our engineers will perform all the required modifications and make adjustments in accordance with the client’s terms of reference. We also eagerly consider suggestions from our customers on functional development of our products.


Please share with us your suggestions and considerations concerning customer service development and enhancement. Our feedback address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .