Blended Routing - new module for Alaris inVoice - routing profitability boost

Alaris Labs, a developer of telecom carrier solutions, announces release of the new module for its BSS system Alaris inVoiceBlended Routing. The module aims at automation of blended routing management to seamlessly meet client quality and price requirements and at the same time minimize average termination costs.

Blended Routing module helps the system owner better meet the needs of the client seeking for high-quality service and at the same time increase the margin earned on that traffic. Often a customer is willing to send large traffic volumes in case the desired ASR and ACD levels are observed. The module calculates the optimal traffic distribution between several vendors offering the destination, so that the quality metrics requested by the client will be ensured while generating highest margins possible. Typically the client traffic will be shared between vendors offering stable quality at high prices and suppliers with more attractive rates but non-guaranteed quality. Since quality of each vendor route is subject to change, the module regularly recalculates the vendor traffic shares to maintain required quality level.

It is known that the quality demanded by customers often exceeds the levels they actually need. That’s why the Blended Routing module allows taking into account not only the target quality levels requested by the client but also their minimal acceptable values (thresholds). For example, if the client demands 50% ASR, the traffic will most likely not be removed unless the actual ASR falls below around 40% — so the system will base the routing approach on that assumption. If it happens to be impossible to suggest a mix of vendor routes, the client account manager will receive a notification. In such a case the system will either block the client traffic or try using regular routing logic stipulated.

Blended Routing module is available in Alaris inVoice system starting from version 3.4.5; it is licensed separately on a revenue-sharing basis, so that you can precisely evaluate the cost and avoid overpaying while handling low traffic volumes. All existing inVoice customers will be offered a free test drive: two blended routes can be set up at no charge. More information on the new module is available at the company web-site. Please send an email to your account manager at Alaris or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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About Alaris Labs

Alaris Labs is a vendor of software solutions for telecom carriers and service providers. The company focuses on development of telecom billing and routing systems as well as various business process automation tools.

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