Alaris SMS Platform v.3.4. HTTP API support and SMS channels control

Alaris Labs, a leading developer of telecom carrier software products, announces a new release of Alaris SMS Platform — multifunctional solution for SMS traffic management. The key innovations of version 3.4 are API for interaction over HTTP and ability to control capacity of SMS channels and to schedule their activity.

In addition to SMPP in the new version of SMS platform support of HTTP protocol is implemented. HTTP API allows establishing connection both with customer and vendor sides. To send a request a special URL format is used. This feature provides fast and reliable integration of Alaris SMS Platform with third party equipment which is particularly important at the current stage of wholesale SMS market.

The new release includes a number of enhancements to control SMS channels. Capacity of SMS channels can be limited which is especially important when it is restricted on the vendor side. If traffic exceeds the limits the extra messages are stored in the buffer to be delivered later. It is now possible to plan the best time to deliver SMS from a specific client; for this purpose the buffer of a channel is set to accumulation mode and switches to processing mode at the predefined time.

New routing rules allow blocking SMS traffic from certain numbers or prefixes that helps to protect against fraudulent traffic. A system administrator can also set up replacement of an incorrect caller ID to numbers from specified list or generated from a template.

Other improvements of the new version are related to financial module, analytics and rate management. The new version of Alaris SMS Platform will be made available to all customers starting from June 11, 2015. For any questions concerning Alaris Labs products please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Alaris Labs is a leading developer of telecommunication carrier-grade solutions. The company offers billing & routing systems and business automation tools for wholesale interconnect and voice transit operations. Alaris Labs has got more than 10 years of technological and marketing expertise in the telecom business. Company website:

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About Alaris Labs

Alaris Labs is a vendor of software solutions for telecom carriers and service providers. The company focuses on development of telecom billing and routing systems as well as various business process automation tools.

Alaris Labs offers functionally flexible solutions which are not only convenient in service but also considerably facilitate carriers’ operations and reduce their expenditure. Advanced features incorporated in our products open new horizons for your business development. The company’s expertise thrives upon 10 years of experience in the international market.