Hosted platform for wholesale SMS traffic management

Alaris Labs, developer of innovative telecom solutions, announces launch of a new service for telecommunication carriers. One of the key products of the company — Alaris SMS Platform — is now available on the hosted SaaS basis. Customers can get access to a preinstalled product instance that enables starting SMS hubbing business from scratch within days.

Alaris SMS Platform is a solution for wholesale service providers that offers a complete set of tools to manage carrier-to-carrier SMS traffic. Platform comprises a switching module supporting SMPP protocol to interconnect with partner carriers, as well as routing and billing sub-systems ensuring faultless selection of optimal vendor routes and accurate financial settlements. Other important advantages of the solution are convenient instruments for rate management and powerful analytical capabilities for better revenue control.

Hosted platform is installed on dedicated servers and enables carriers to dramatically decrease time and money investment into the SMS hubbing service launch. Carriers get access to a secure redundant platform where they can immediately register their partners, upload rate plans and start service provision without any delay.

SaaS model implies important advantages for SMS carriers just entering the field, including those already running voice wholesale business and willing to expand to nearby areas. First of all it is about the platform scalability — the entry license is 2M messages/month that can be easily increased to any level together with actual growth of traffic volumes. Another merit is the possibility to turn CapEx into OpEx due to convenient monthly payment schemes that already include technical support.

Please submit a request on our web-site or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information on the hosted SMS platform or ask for a test drive.

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Alaris Labs is a leading developer of telecommunication carrier-grade solutions. The company offers billing & routing systems and business automation tools for wholesale interconnect and voice transit operations. Alaris Labs has got more than 10 years of technological and marketing expertise in the telecom business. Company website:

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