About us

Alaris Labs is an innovative dynamically growing company focused on creating advanced solutions for telecom carriers and service providers. Our expertise is based on the 10 year experience in the telecom market accumulated by our staff and is backed by extensive knowledge of the leading-edge technology and deep insight into clients’ needs. Alaris Labs has successfully developed and implemented a large number of projects all over the world.

In Latin ‘alaris’ stands for ‘wing bearing’, ‘winged’, which reflects our ambition to fly to the very heights of technology and our desire to inspire our clients and partners to benefit together from mutually rewarding cooperation. When developing our solutions we both target the highest quality and reliability industry standards and take into consideration feedback received from our clients since the latter is by far the most important indicator of our work efficiency.

Our objective - application of our knowledge and experience in development and integration of advanced carrier solutions to the benefit of our clients.

The following principles shape our commitment to providing best products and services:

  • Cooperation with clients. Trust of the clients is the dominant guideline for us in our activity. We take a pride in being not just a vendor but a partner to our customers, always ready to share experience and provide assistance when needed. Together with our clients we attain the unattainable, if acted separately.
  • Professional team. Success of a company always lies in the joint efforts of specialists majoring in different fields. Our team is consolidated with professional approach to problem solving, mindful attitude to our clients and mutual respect. We work together today to provide for the outstanding result tomorrow.
  • Innovative engineering. Leading positions may be obtained only by sustained enhancement of products and services. We keep track of industry trends and study market environment to incorporate new ideas into our solutions so that technological progress would eventually serve our clients’ needs.

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